2018 NL West Preview

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2018 NL West Preview

Messaggio da mattew88 » 02/03/2018, 5:00

2017 Standing
Los Angeles Dodgers 104-58 (Runner up)
Arizona Diamondbacks 93-69 (Wild Card)
Colorado Rockies 87-75 (Wild Card)
San Diego Padres 71-91
San Francisco Giants 64-98

2018 Odds | March 1st (according to 5Dimes)

Total Wins
Los Angeles Dodgers 96.5
Arizona Diamondbacks 85.5
San Francisco Giants 83.5
Colorado Rockies 81.5
San Diego Padres 71.5

To Win NL West
Los Angeles Dodgers 1.42
San Francisco Giants 7.25
Arizona Diamondbacks 7.50
Colorado Rockies 9.55
San Diego Padres 56.00

Who The Fuck Want War?
FedEx Beef Straight To Your Front Door
It'll Be A Murder Scene
I'm Turning Pink Friday to Friday The 13th
Aight You Lil' Kim Clone Clown
All This Buffoonery, The Shit Stops Now

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Re: 2018 NL West Preview

Messaggio da johnOJ » 02/03/2018, 9:23

Siamo ultra-competitivi (cit.)

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Re: 2018 NL West Preview

Messaggio da Maxy_690 » 02/03/2018, 9:26

Los Angeles Dodgers
San Francisco Giants (Wild card)
Arizona Diamondbacks
Colorado Rockies
San Diego Padres

Division molto più competitiva degli ultimi tempi, in ogni caso

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Re: 2018 NL West Preview

Messaggio da Pixi89 » 02/03/2018, 10:18

Total Wins
Los Angeles Dodgers 96.5 UNDER
San Francisco Giants 83.5 OVER
Arizona Diamondbacks 85.5 UNDER
Colorado Rockies 81.5 UNDER
San Diego Padres 71.5 OVER