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Re: Hall of Fame

Messaggioda rene144 » 11/12/2017, 22:58

Tommy John e Kitty Kaat sono molto superiori a Morris. Hanno avuto carriere alla Sutton.

Concordo su Simmons. Ci sono molti che verranno rivisitati negli anni, da Whitaker a Grich a Lofton. E mi sa che un giorno anche Scott Rolen dovrà prendere quella strada.

Sosa non è un HoFer per me e non per il doping. Cade al di qua della mia linea con McGriff. Non mi offenderei se entrasse. Sarebbe molto meno offensivo di Jack Morris per me.

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Re: Hall of Fame

Messaggioda Luca10 » 11/12/2017, 23:00

Tommy John dovrebbe entrare già solo per l'operazione!


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Re: Hall of Fame

Messaggioda joesox » 03/01/2018, 17:09

With 159 of an estimated 424 ballots counted (37.5 percent), it’s looking like four players are locks to get in ... first-timers Chipper Jones and Jim Thome, and holdovers Vladimir Guerrero and Edgar Martinez.

As of Wednesday morning, Trevor Hoffman (who missed election by five votes last year) also was positioned to get in.

Meantime, long-time Yankees pitcher Mike Mussina was close to 75 percent, while seven-time Cy Young winner Roger Clemens, home run king Barry Bonds and Curt Schilling were in the high 60s.

Bonds and Clemens' big run shows many BBWAA voters have changed the opinion on keeping out known or suspected PED users.

The only returning candidates dropping in vote percentage are Jeff Kent and Fred McGriff.

The BBWAA will announce the results on Jan .24 and those elected will be inducted on July 29 along with two who were voted in on Dec. 10 by the Veterans Committee, former shortstop Alan Trammell and pitcher Jack Morris.

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